New Focus of this Blog

Even though I’ve been on a bit of a Putin bender lately (and I’ll probably post about Trump and Hillary since I love presidential elections!), I’ve decided on a new focus for this metaphysical blog.

The focus of New Age Studies will be the elementals, who help animals and the environment. Specifically, I will focus on the fairies, the gnomes and the magical wizard Merlin, who oversees Middle Earth, where the elementals live when they are not above ground.

I’ll also include the unicorns, because I love them! They are magical, but not considered part of the elemental kingdom. And I’ll talk a lot about angels, who are so near to us and easy to connect with.

The ultimate goal: to help save Mother Earth (and the animals).

UPDATE: I moved most of my Putin and Trump and other political issues posts to a new blog: TrumpandPutinLovefest.


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