Houdini Book

I was browsing at Barnes and Noble bookstore, looking for a biography or the autobiography of Putin. The Russian president has recently been on “60 Minutes” (if you search online for 60minutesovertime you may still find some clips) and is in the news for his bombing of ISIS in Syria (some dispute this). I’m currently reading his bio as written by English writer Chris Hutchins and a Russian co-author on my Kindle. It’s just called “Putin.” It’s good, but it was written in 2012 so nothing about the Sochi Olympics or Syria, etc.

I didn’t find any Putin books to buy, but I found one on Houdini! I really love Houdini, the most famous magician. He spent part of his childhood in Appleton, Wisconsin, very near to where I was born and grew up! Not many super successful people come out of Wisconsin (Greta van Sustern comes to mind, on FOX), so it’s inspiring that he was once walking the same streets I did. The book is called “The Secret Life of Houdini” and it’s written by Bill Kalush, who works with magician David Blaine, and a co-author. It’s very well researched, with tons of photographs of Houdini. I love old photos! I haven’t started reading it yet. I’ve just being flipping through it and looking at the pictures 😉 I don’t have much patience for reading anymore – I guess I can blame the internet for that!


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