October Card Reading 2015

Card number 1: The Magician

Meaning: Now is the time to make magic happen! A fitting card for October, with Halloween this month. Lots of witches about to cast spells.

Stone: Dark gray labradorite (shimmers when held at an angle). Increases psychic abilities.

Card number 2: Four of Coins

Meaning: Save; don’t spend money this month! Good advice since the Christmas season is fast approaching.

Stone: Ocean jasper, also called orbicular jasper. Improves patience.

Card number 3: The Hermit. One of my favorite cards since I’m a bit of a hermit myself, plus my favorite color is green 😉

Meaning: Take time to think about your next step in life. Like the hermit, go alone into your “man cave” and think things over. Meditate to find the correct answers. Candle meditations work great – just meditate in front of a lit candle for 10 minutes (see the lantern imagery in the card – it’s shining a light on the Hermit’s path).

Stone: Green peridot. Helps you  see clearly.

Oracle cards I used: Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt = My favorite Tarot deck! Great deck if you love crystals. Plus, the cards have very upbeat images with bright, happy colors.


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