Bill Cosby and the New Age

I found myself thinking about the Bill Cosby scandal yesterday, even though it hasn’t been in the news for awhile. I find it interesting that one side effect of the new, higher level energy coming in is more scandals coming to light. It will be harder for people in power to pull the wool over our eyes! Bill Cosby (famous black comedian) lived for years and years with this scandal hovering in the shadows. I know a few tabloid magazines and TV shows would occasionally run stories about women accusing of him sexual assault. But nothing ever came of it (he did reportedly pay off one of the women who then signed a non-disclosure agreement, in a court settlement). But now, in the dawning of the new age, the Age of Aquarius, women are coming to power. FINALLY, the balance between men and women will be restored, and women will enjoy true equality. In fact, the scales may even become tipped in our favor!

What other scandals will soon be revealed?


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