My Hollywood Trip

I took a very quick 1-day trip to Hollywood! This is my old neighborhood, 3rd and Fairfax near the famous Farmer’s Market and the posh shopping center The Grove. I love the vibrant, artsy scene here but the traffic is even crazier than when I lived there! It was bumper-to-bumper everywhere I went, even at noon on a weekday. I lived at the apartment complex in the photo, Park La Brea. I walked past it to get this picture. It was 90 degrees out and sunny and I felt like I was melting!

I got donuts at Bob’s Donuts in the Farmer’s Market (one of my favorite places – lots of great people watching and all kinds of food). Then I drove to my very favorite Catholic church, Blessed Sacrament on Sunset near Highland. Inside, the church didn’t have it’s lights on. Maybe they were conserving energy and money in the Fall heat wave. Mass appeared to be cancelled, but there were a smattering of people praying, some saying the rosary in a special section devoted to Mary. The great thing about this church is the many alcoves with statues of the saints and Mary and Jesus. You can kneel down and pray in front of each one (on hard marble) and light a votive candle. In the dim light, the votive candles looked extra sparkly.

My trip helped me decide that I don’t want to live in Hollywood again, but somewhere close enough that I can drive down often and meet people there.

On the comical side: Enterprise Rental Car pulled my car around and the sideview mirror panel popped off! It was literally lying on the ground next to the car. So the 2 workers just popped it back on and wanted me to rent the car! It wasn’t even on right and looked like it would pop off at any moment. So I told them I’d like another car to drive so I don’t get charged for damages…which may not have been the right thing to do. Because the next car was WORSE! I drove off the lot and it immediately started making weird noises, like it was stuck in neutral. I saw an N on the dashboard and freaked out that it might be stick shift/manual, which I don’t know how to drive. So I stopped on the side of the road and found a worker (oddly, she was smoking a cigarillo the whole time she talked to me). She told me to put the car in drive and press the gas. It moved forward a little so she told me it was fine! Welcome to the Big City, where no one really gives a bleep. I was still a little panicky, but I looked again and figured the N was for “north” and it was part of the navigational system. I never did find anywhere on the car that displayed Drive, Neutral, Park, etc. Very weird. So I get on La Cienega where the speed limit gets up to 50 mph. Unfortunately, my car would only go 25 mph! Soon I had an angry truck like 1/2 inch off my bumper. Finally, it veered around me and I decided I’d better just try to put it in a different gear (thinking I might stall out on this super busy road!). So I moved the drive stick to the right, and I could go faster. I think the Chevy Cruze has a “cool” faux manual drive? Either that or it has 2 drives, a slow one for city traffic (to save gas) and one normal speed. Decided to cancel my next Enterprise Rental Car reservation in favor of Hertz 😉


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