September Diary Entry

(These monthly diary entries are about my personal life.)

I have been wanting to move back to Hollywood, California, ever since I got sick 15 years ago and moved! I had chronic pain and fatigue (fibromyalgia?) and I couldn’t walk up the steps to my second-floor apartment any longer. I thought I would move to a smaller, less hectic town to recuperate and then I’d move back. I figured in 1 to 2 years medical researchers would discover the cause and cure for fibromyalgia, and they still have no idea!

What also sucks is the Hollywood apartment that I rented for $735 in 2000 now rents for $2,000 a month! And it’s a one bedroom! I am flying to Hollywood next week to check out my old neighborhood (3rd and Fairfax). Hoping and praying to move back to the Hollywood area before the end of the year. Will also be checking out Ojai in northern Ventura County. It’s famous for its metaphysical and spiritual vibe.

My favorite things this month:
Ladies of London Season 2 (available on Amazon prime for the Kindle) Team Caroline!
Game of Thrones Season 5 (ditto) I binge-watched the whole season, and now it’s over 😦
David Blaine His TV shows and specials are now available on iTunes. I bought 2 seasons to watch on my phone, but it only downloads episode 1 for you after your payment goes thru….does anyone know how to download the other episodes? I can’t find a link anywhere.
Starbucks new peanut butter and jelly bistro box (see photo and info on my Instagram account: new_age_studies)
Starbucks pumpkin spice latte
Doug’s Nuts I bought the Original Blend at my local health food store. Great flavor (a bit sweet with maple syrup and vanilla). Cute directions on the bag: “Pour nuts into hand. Transfer to mouth. Chew, swallow, make happy noises.”


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