Meditation Class Online

I’ve been getting nudges lately to take my meditation practice more seriously. For now, I’ve just been sitting on a Zafu cushion in front of my visualization board in the mornings and looking through my oracle cards, holding some of my crystals and doing a merkaba meditation that I read through. This isn’t the same as doing deep meditation!

So last night I found a meditation class online by James van Praagh (his website is He’s the famous psychic medium who talks to the dead. It’s only $40 for 8 weeks of classes. After I signed up I noticed there’s a free meditation class also!

I’m loving his meditations (audio MP3s). Some have beautiful piano music in the background. His voice is much calmer than it is when he does appearances (he tends to be very loud and flamboyant).

Go to Store>Online Classes>Audio Courses on his website. The one I’m taking is called Mastering Meditation.


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