Life Lessons from Psychic Sylvia Browne

I’m still kind of sad that Sylvia Browne died a couple years ago 😦 I used to watch her on the Montel Show and read all her books at Barnes and Noble! I did buy most of her books, but some of them I re-sold on Amazon, which I’m bummed about now. Lessons for Life is one of her best books! It’s part of a series of books which are all great. I took these notes years ago and wrote them in my journal:

  • all the world’s religions have some merit, but follow them too rigidly and you’ll likely be unhappy due to their dogmatic rules
  • trust your FIRST IMPRESSION of ppl
  • follow your heart; not what other ppl tell you to do
  • think about any negative habits you have, and replace them with a positive habit
  • helping others will bring more love into your life
  • ask ppl directly for help
  • ask ppl directly about how they are feeling
  • think carefully about which ppl make you feel drained and minimize your time with them
  • write down situations in your life that stress you out, and come up with creative solutions to make them less stressful

This is all great advice! If I had followed every word of it every day of my life, I would’ve had much fewer problems!


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