May Day = Honoring Mother Mary

May Day (May 1st) used to be a big Marian holiday in the Catholic church, when schoolkids would decorate statues of Mary with a garland of flowers. I love the idea of doing this! Now, the Catholic church doesn’t consider May 1st to be a Marian feast day anymore. I still like to do something special in honor of Mary on this day though, so today I went to church! I haven’t been to a Catholic church in yearrrrrrrs, so it was interesting. I looked on the church website and found out they actually have confession times scheduled before some of their masses. This is great because it means I can just go in and pray without sitting through a whole mass. I would love if more churches did this! The church turned out to be a small cathedral (St. Mary’s in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado). It was really nicely maintained, with a small courtyard with flowers and so forth and a long entrance with photos of the church dating back to the 1800s. Inside, the main altar is very pretty with nice statues. I hate when old churches get modernized, but this one looked good. The statues happen to be done in muted soft colors, so the new very light colored wood (I like dark, Gothic stuff) matched well. The church/cathedral had a really good vibe so I ended up staying for mass. It was nice, but May Day is now the feast of St. Joseph (Jesus’ dad) so no mention was made of Mary ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Also, the church has a nice Mary statue but for some reason there isn’t a kneeler in front of it or even pews…instead, there’s a wooden built-in bench – you are facing away from the statue if you sit there. Hmmmph.


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