Mantra for Ganesh

Ganesh is the Hindu god who looks like an elephant. I have a few images of him in my meditation corner which I got from a local Tibetan store. Along with Lakshmi, he is one of the Hindu gods I pray to. He is great at breaking down obstacles to success. Imagine him, a beautiful elephant with lots of elaborate decorations, stomping a clear path through the jungle for you. Ask him to break down any barriers to your success in xyz endeavor. At yoga yesterday, my teacher had us sing a mantra to Ganesh 108 times! She said 108 was an auspicious number. It took a long time, but I loved the mantra so I looked it up online this morning:

Om gam ganapataye namah.

It sounds like:

ohm gahm ghana pahtah hey* nahma ha.

*You can emphasize this syllable. Sing “hey-ey” or “heyyy.”

To hear the mantra, you can buy or just listen to a sample of this song on iTunes: “Ganesh Mantra” by Larisa Stowe and Shakti Tribe. I bought it and I like it a lot! It’s very energizing.


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