Mantras for each Chakra

This is so easy to do! Each chakra has its own mantra or chant. By saying it, you can clear out your chakras, which are colored energy centers which get clogged with bad energy. I’m working on clearing and strengthening my lower 3 chakras: red/root and orange/sacral and yellow/solar. A shaman told me to use “rahm” (spelled “ram” but I’ll use the phonetic spellings so you know how to say them) to clear out my yellow chakra. A bright yellow chakra should be empowering and help with digestive problems. I’ve now learned the mantras for the other 2 lower chakras: vahm for orange/sacral (sexuality and creativity and how you feel about yourself) and lahm for red/root (security, both financial and physical). They are pretty easy to remember. Try to learn them by memorizing which color chakra each works with. The others are: yahm for heart, hoom for throat and ohm for your 3rd eye. The crown chakra doesn’t have a mantra. Remember, you can say them silently in your head but they are 80 per cent more powerful if spoken or sung out loud!

OHM – dark indigo blue – 3rd eye
HOOM – electric blue – throat
YAHM – green and pink – heart
RAHM – yellow – solar plexus
VAHM – orange – sacral
LAHM – red – root


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