Lose Weight Hypnosis App

I heard about a weight loss hypnosis app on the Daily Mail. A reader was telling her story of how she lost weight with it, effortlessly! And I had just re-read Sylvia Browne’s book Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You and she strongly recommends hypnosis (her book is so great – I typed up 9 pages of notes from it so I’ll remember all her healing advice – I’ll have to write a couple posts about it). I got the app for my phone. It’s called Lose Weight and its an icy blue color with nice graphics. The company is called Surf City Apps. I love it! It’s actually more relaxing than any of the meditation CDs I own (which I get lazy about using – I like having an app better). The woman’s voice is verrrrry soothing! You can get the free version or pay $3 to turn off 5 minutes of annoying instructions. To help you lose weight, you visualize yourself on a beach wearing a bikini and then you walk toward a mirror that reflects back your “true self” = a perfect body!

UPDATE: I’ve been using this Lose Weight hypnosis app for 8 months and it is still my favorite meditation to listen to! However, I haven’t lost weight with it 😦 I’ve actually gained 3 pounds (0.2 stones) since the beginning of this year (2015)!


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