4 New Chakras

As we are ascending from the current 3rd dimension to the 4th and then the 5th dimension (the energy level Atlantis was on), our chakras are changing. We are adding 4 new chakras, plus our current chakras are being updated with new colors. New Agers don’t agree on the new colors, so I won’t go into that. But here are the 4 new chakras:
1. above your head = Steller Gateway, metallic gold, overseen by Metatron and Serafina (she is the female half of Seraphiel who rules the seraphim, the powerful angels with 6 wings), you receive communication directly from God here
2. just slightly above your head = Soul Star, magenta pink, overseen by Archangels Mariel and Zadkiel, you come to understand your soul’s mission on Earth from communications here
3. off to the side of your head = Causal Chakra, white, overseen by Archangel Christiel, you receive communication from the angels and the unicorns here (I love unicorns!)
4. far below your feet, deep in Mother Earth = Earth Star, mix of black, grey and white, overseen by Archangel Sandalphon, very important chakra as it grounds you – you will need a lot of grounding to be balanced while you ascend higher



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