Crystal Skulls

The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull (see a photo on my Pinterest page) is a famous 10-pound crystal skull, with a hinged jaw, much like a real skull. New Agers believe it is 1 of 13 crystal skulls that ancient knowledge was downloaded into, like a computer. Because stones can hold energy, we believe this is possible. The old lady in the photo was a child when this was found under a Mayan ruin. She was with her dad, an English archeologist. They say the skull has been privately demonstrated to talk and give prophecies. The crystal skulls are from the ancient lost city of Atlantis, which was buried by flooding. The high priests or leaders of Atlantis imagined a way to preserve their knowledge, as the flooding reached dangerous levels, and came up with the idea of 13 programmed crystal skulls. Atlanteans were very psychic and were able to transfer their thoughts into crystals. They routinely created “knowledge crystals” which held info and were used for teaching, like our school books. When all 13 of the skulls have been found, or more accurately, revealed to us by The Other Side, it will be time for a New Age of enlightenment and peace.


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