Salt Rock Lamps

Salt rock lamps are really awesome! I have two (well, one is still lost in a box from the last time I moved). They are real salt, usually from the Himalayan mountains in/around India. The salt rock is hard and heavy, like a real rock. A hole is drilled in the bottom and a small lightbulb is placed inside (you can easily replace this if it burns out). I turn mine on every day. Not only does the soft glow create a nice ambiance for the room, but it’s believed that the warmed salt clears the air/room of lower energies. I have mine in my home office, where I spend a lot of time. My sister gave it to me for Christmas – you can buy the same one on Amazon for about $20: WBM Himalayan Light Natural Air Purifying Salt Lamp, 1002. It’s also recommended that you place one by your bed and turn it on during the day so it can clean the air (since you spend so much time in the bedroom – 8 or more hours a day!).


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