Inspirational message from businesswoman

Bridge the Gap

“Whether in the classroom, on the playing field or in a conference room, I see it over and over: girls and women who hesitate to act on their expertise, because they aren’t 100% sure they have the right answer, the perfect plan, the exact skill set. It amounts to what has been called a massive Confidence Gap. The gap between what women know and what we are willing to act on. It’s that gap that inhibits us from making our voices heard. It’s that gap that makes us turn away from risk. It’s that gap that prohibits us from turning thought into action. And it is that confidence gap that keeps us from learning all the valuable lessons that can be gained from acting and failing and learning and acting again.

Let’s commit to filling that gap right now. Let’s fill it with encouragement for our daughters to act even as they waver. Let’s fill it with our strong voices as we quash our instinct to stay silent. Let’s fill it with action even in the face of doubt and doubters.”

~Missy Park, founder of clothing store Title Nine


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