My Meditation for Love

Ellen’s Meditation for Love

Here is a Valentine’s Day meditation I wrote to bring more love into your life. Sit comfortably in a quiet spot. Light a candle or turn on a salt rock lamp for ambience. If you own a rose quartz or other crystal, hold it in your hand.

Imagine pink light flowing down from heaven into your heart chakra. Your heart chakra (shock-rah) is by your heart but in the middle of your chest. Now visualize Angel Haniel (han-ee-el) standing in front of you. She is a pretty angel dressed in a gauzy white gown. She has gorgeous iridescent white wings. Surrounding her is a pink haze of sparkles. These sparkles transmit the energy of love. Watch as Angel Haniel blows some pink sparkles over to you! Feel in your heart more love coming in. Now, think of a time when you felt a lot of love (doggie kisses, a wedding, etc.) and re-create that feeling. Tell Haniel you want more love in your life. Think about the specific things you want, like a boyfriend, but instead of narrowing down the possibilities just say, “I want the best boyfriend for me.”

Next, call in Angel Amabiel (ah-mah-bee-el), the Friendship Angel. Amabiel’s color is hot pink. See hot pink sparkles everywhere! Ask Amabiel to choose new friends for you. Imagine yourself having fun with your new friends! Think of this often. By visualizing new friends, you will help create this future.

Now, call in Angel Mupiel (moo-pee-el), the Angel of Self-love. Mupiel wants you to know that it’s important to love yourself. She says all the angels and God love you very much. Don’t be self-destructive. It makes them sad. Say, “I love myself. I am made in God’s image.” Name 3 things that you like about yourself.

Lastly, call in Archangel Raphael (ark-angel raf-aye-el). As an archangel, Raphael is above all the regular angels. He is a healer and can heal your heartache. Affirm: “My heart is 100% healthy. My heart chakra is glowing bright pink.” Raphael wants you to know that the love you give comes back to you. For the ultimate lovefest, send your love out to the whole world! Imagine a pink ball of light surrounding Earth. Try sending out even more love to needy things like endangered animals or war-torn countries, etc. Trust that God sees the love you are sending out, and that He will reward you.

Thank all the angels we worked with and God.

xoxoxo, Ellen

©Ellen Auchter 2015


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