2018 Year of the Dog

2018 is the Year of the Dog in Chinese astrology!

Guess who is a dog?

Me! Guess again… President Trump! There is a bit of difference as I am an Earth dog and he is a fire dog, the same as Bill Clinton. Fire dogs are very intelligent, driven to succeed and have fiery personalities. Earth dogs are more calm and grounded, more friendly and chatty. Both are devoted to making the world a better place.

You are a dog if:

1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006 is your birth year.

What do dogs symbolize?

Think of a golden retriever! Always want to help. Cheerful and friendly. Enjoy chatting and being social with people. Devoted to family and friends. Carefully observe what’s going on around them. They like lots of praise, petting, adoration and want to be fawned over by the public. Have a strong sense of duty and will protect younger/disabled or poor/disadvantaged people. Serious about achieving goals. Homebodies. Like having a plan and doing the same things over and over out of habit. Usually a faithful friend and lover but gets jealous! Usually a traditional, conservative person who likes God and country. Works in traditional jobs like teacher, police, trade union member, construction worker, nurse, nun or priest. If active in politics or writing, are usually conservative like Republican or Christian Right.

Number nine year in Chinese astrology

As numbers count up to 10, nine is in the homestretch, near the end. People have become wiser. They are less likely to believe lies by politicians, et all. They’re ready to rise up and demand the truth! It’s another year of social activism, like the #metoo movement, which was Time magazine’s cover of the year for 2017.

Nine years are very busy and stressful.

It’s as if you’re trying to get everything done before the end. Can be exhausting and too much for people. Be sure to live a healthy lifestyle – don’t overindulge – so you can deal with all the stress. It feels like you’re pushing the accelerator on a fast car! Lots of things are happening in the world and in your home.

Overall, nine years are forecast to be good years!

You can make money starting a new business, earn more in your current line of work and have better cash flow. More money means an increase in social status. Don’t be slow about making business decisions. In a nine year, it’s go go go. Take action!

In 9 years, honest business practices are rewarded.

Are you doing something good for the world? Working on environmental problems means a gold star for you! Or on social justice problems like income inequality. The government and big business will invest more and more in green energy (wind, solar), recycling programs and cleaner technologies. These are good industries to be in.

Good colors to wear, display, use in business advertising:

Green, symbolizing the Earth and environmental protection
Blue, symbolizing water and keeping oceans and rivers clean
Black, symbolizing the entire Universe which needs to be cared for and protected


2018 Predictions

I scoured the internet for psychic predictions for 2018! These are the ones I find credible.


try to impeach Trump but fail

Trump does mega deal with the UK, but is blocked from doing a deal with Russia

Kim Jung Un stripped from power

EU fails

ISIS defeated in Syria

deadly flu epidemic = bioterrorism?

the Obamas divorce


President Trump puts America first by taxing companies hiring foreign workers, restricting immigration, giving tax breaks to working-class families and veterans, ending the estate tax, continuing to block Muslim refugees, doesn’t build a wall exactly – “the wall” will be not a wall but an area monitored by security cameras and drones flying around. Trump makes a mega deal with the UK after its Brexit from the EU, but he loses out on the trade war with China (China draws closer to Russia).

Congress continues to try to impeach Trump but fails, some psychics see an upswing of support for President Trump after this, some see him leaving the White House in 2018, due to death? he is overweight and eats a cheeseburger diet plus he drinks an astounding 12 Diet Cokes a day! due to assassination? or does he just quit?

Exploits oil and gas for profit, opens national parks to drilling and grazing of livestock

Succeeds in ending our huge trade deficit

Appoints 2 conservative judges to the Supreme Court

US military

A warship explodes and sinks – terrorist bombing?

Many more cyber attacks including some that throw off our satellites

Our army is spread thin around the world which makes us vulnerable. Russia and China like this!

We secretly help depose Kim Jung-Un from power.

Kim Jong Un

The North Korean leader is overthrown with help behind the scenes by out military (covert ops), some psychics say Kim gets executed, some say he flees to China.

Natural disasters

Another year of extreme weather! The Earth is getting damaged by pollution and acting erratically. Temperatures swing back-and-forth between winter and summer, fires continue to ravage California, powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are actually damaging the Earth’s crust = very dangerous, coastlines flood again (Miami, Houston, New Orleans, parts of NYC), becomes a recurring problem, people will need to move inland.

A huge iceberg in Antarctica breaks apart and melts, causing water levels worldwide to rise

More cities have contaminated water like Flint, Michigan, people will realize parts of the world are becoming uninhabitable, a bad hurricane season, monster tornadoes.

Mother Earth is damaged and angry. She is a powerful force of nature and will release very destructive energies! This is foretold in the ancient folklore of the Hindu goddess Kali and the Hawaiian goddess Pele.

Russia and China

The two countries are quickly becoming good friends, will work together militarily and politically on ousting/dealing with the end of Kim Jong Un’s reign in North Korea, when the Russian economy tanks China lends them lots of money

Trump wants to do a deal with Russia, but our lawmakers freak out and block it

Celebrity gossip

Barack Obama and Michelle are in a political marriage of convenience and divorce, gay comedian Ellen DeGeneres and Portia divorce

George Bush, Barbara Walters, John McCain, Prince Philip die

Marriages for Tom Cruise and Leo Di Caprio (plus Prince Harry, marrying an American actress = wedding of the year)

Celebrity religion Scientology collapses

Technological advances

Elon Musk’s hyper loop works

New lupus and cancer treatments

Food additives are found to cause cancer


Bad, but UK and US bounce back, some big-name brands go bankrupt

Good investments are anything high-tech like robotics and drones, environmental technology like solar energy, the intelligence sector, also marijuana and gaming, luxury goods and educational products

America could be investing in our infrastructure, creating construction jobs, but doesn’t and more bridges fail

India’s economy grows and grows and is eventually stronger than China’s, which gets flak for its poor environmental record and cheap knock-off products


More flooding

Rebounds strongly after Brexit, makes new trade deals with the US and with its former colonies India and Australia, smartly invests in new technology like robotics and wind turbines

Will and Kate will have a fourth baby (currently on their third), Prince Philip dies, Prince Harry marries American Meghan Markle and she quickly gets pregnant

The truth comes out

2018 is the number eight and in Chinese astrology it’s a nine year, so in this year we feel like we are nearing the end, (the numbers end at 10), people won’t be hoodwinked anymore, aren’t naive but seasoned, demand the truth: political scandals, Catholic Church scandal, Hollywood casting couch scandals, Scientology collapses in scandal, military admits they know about alien spaceships, many more people will see UFOs and weird red lights in the sky, Bitcoin scandal as its popular for funding terrorists and mobsters ($5 million illegal gains just found in Romania)

EU/European Union

The EU collapses, people riot, set fires, money becomes devalued and people in poorer countries like Greece are in real trouble

Italy and Denmark wisely exit the EU beforehand

Assassination attempt on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany’s economy lags behind the UK’s as it deals with flood of immigrants


Isis caliphate in Raqqa, Syria, obliterated, almost all of Syria reduced to rubble, Iraq also destroyed, ISIS grows in the Philippines and Malaysia, will continue to inspire smaller “lone wolf” attacks, concerts at risk, ISIS tries attacks over big cities like New York and London using drones to disperse chemical weapons, attempts attacks on trains, subways, planes

More school shootings and mass shootings by bullied and disgruntled Americans

Deadly strain of the flu is linked to bioterrorism, unleashed by North Korean agents?


So many people are depressed, stressed out, financially strapped, in the future people come together for safety and will live more communally, will live simply, sharing food and housing, all will be in the same boat economically, income disparity ends

2nd David Blaine Live Show Review

I am back from Cincinnati where I saw the David Blaine Live Show for the second time!!! Tomorrow night (December 4, 2017) is his LAST LIVE SHOW.

VIP Room

David was very nice! I got the VIP ticket again which includes a photo with him (taken by a professional photographer – you get a link and can find your photo online) and he comes and does card tricks just to the VIP group before the show starts. I gave him an angel of protection I drew and he was very sweet about it (he may need it!). He first did a magic card trick for a guy in a wheelchair, which was thoughtful of him. He messed up 2 of his card tricks… he joked maybe he shouldn’t do a show tonight 😉

In the Lobby

Fans coming into the venue could also get a photo with him and his autograph. David snuck into the lobby and let people mob him!


There Was Blood

The Cincinnati show was in the art deco Taft Theatre downtown. Some things were missing from the other show I saw (only a couple things). And instead of shoving an icepick through his hand (he had a visible hole in his hand!), he stabbed it through his bicep. Last time, he mysteriously didn’t bleed….but this time he came back onstage with a bandage on his arm and you could see blood on it. The blood spot got bigger as the show went on = real blood!

Real or Not?

The guy I sat next to explained to me how David might be doing some of his tricks. But he said the ice pick stunts, swallowing the frogs (he swallowed 2 frogs again!) and holding his breath were all very real.


Poor Frogs

I think my favorite trick is the swallowing, regurgitating and then re-swallowing the  frogs! He assured us the frogs are still alive. It sounded like he keeps using the same 2 frogs as he told us he let his daughter name them: Candy and Cane.

Tricks Performed

Other tricks I saw again: sewed his lips shut, puzzle trick, Asi Wind did same tricks (credit card, Rubik’s cubes), hidden ice pick under styrofoam cups, swallowing a ring and returning it on a hanger…. In the VIP room, he did the cool card trick where your card ends up being a miniature card that the Queen of Hearts is holding 🙂

Held Breath for 10 Minutes!

How long did he hold his breath for? 10 MINUTES! Wow. In Colorado, he held his breath underwater for 8 minutes (at high altitude).


Mysterious in All Black

What did he look like? Exactly the same because he wears the same outfit every day! ha ha ha. I find this interesting because books on connecting with people recommend wearing something eye-catching that can start a conversation, such as a bright sparkly peacock pin. New people you meet will invariably remark on how cute your pin is. It gives them something to talk about and helps them remember you in the future. So it could be part of his act that he always wears black (black T-shirt, black jeans, black button-up Oxford shirt, black tennis shoes, black socks). Does he go crazy on his days off and wear red or blue? Should I start dressing in all- purple outfits so people remember me???

Last David Blaine Live Shows Ever?

David said his brother was at the show and I saw Bill Kalush, his friend that you see in his book and videos. At the Colorado Springs show I saw, David said he wanted to take the live show to Europe…at this show, David said this may be the last time you see him in this format. Someone in the audience mistakenly clapped, and he said, “No, that’s not a good thing!” Is he not planning on doing more live shows? Because of the money he needs to self-finance them, or because of the sex scandal or because the shows are just too exhausting for him?


God Bless

After he did the amazing 10-minute breath hold, he didn’t allow audience questions this time, but he did talk to us. Mostly about his mother. He ended the show by telling us, “God bless!” So he believes in God. (haters say magic is evil) I wonder what it is like to have an adoring audience? He seems to take it as a serious responsibility.

City of Cincinnati

I was surprised at how much I liked Cincinnati. Downtown was very cool, like a small Chicago. The downtown is very walkable, but a bit blighted. And I didn’t know that Cincinnati gets mild winters! It was sunny and warm enough to walk around with your winter jacket unzipped during the day (in December). Nothing like winters in Wisconsin, where I grew up! (lots of snow, super cold and dreary skies) My Lyft driver told me people freak out if it snows 2 inches! It’s also very hilly, with lots of trees. I kept thinking it looked more like Kentucky to me…then I found out the Cincinnati airport is actually across the border in Kentucky 🙂

After Show Blues

David has a very uplifting energy. It’s great to be in his energy field, but when I leave it after the show is over I get very bummed 😦





America Cursed by the Hope Diamond?

I watched a short documentary about the Hope Diamond. It’s the super huge blue diamond that is on display in the Smithsonian in NYC. It’s long been rumored to be cursed, since Marie Antoinette wore it and was later beheaded! The Walshes, rich Americans in the Roaring Twenties, bought it only to suffer financial ruin and suicide. It was said to be stolen from the statue of a Hindu goddess in India, which started the curse.

What I found intriguing was that the documentary described testing done on the diamond by U.S. scientists. They discovered that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, the Hope Diamond glows red! It actually glows for a full minute. This is creepy! The scientists of today didn’t even know how the diamond was glowing like this. So they bored a small hole into the bottom of it and took a sample. They discovered that its blue color (blue with a bit of grey) is created by boron. Boron is a mineral mined out of the ground for making glass, laundry detergent (not used much anymore), bulletproof vests and more. The scientists tested other blue diamonds and found they contain boron, too. All of the blue diamonds glow red, but none glows as strongly or for as long as the Hope Diamond.

So does the big, 45k Hope Diamond carry a cursed energy? I think the message of the Hope Diamond is that flaunting your riches will lead to ruin. If you put stock in fancy diamonds and extravagant estates, like Marie Antoinette did while her people starved, you are putting riches above humanity. Remember the story in the Bible about the devil tempting Jesus. As the two stood on a high cliff overlooking a vast desert and a wealthy city, the devil offered Jesus all of the world’s riches in return for his supplication…and the devil’s color is red. Some people worry that since the Hope Diamond is now in a government building, the Smithsonian, it could be cursing the entire U.S.!

I think it’s interesting that we now have Donald Trump as our president, and he is known for his boastfulness and branding his name to be synonymous with getting rich! Around the world, America may be perceived as arrogant and misusing its wealth, a country that expects to be catered to. As power shifts in the world towards China, America would be wiser to be more supportive of other countries (no more oil wars, regime changes) and less entitled.

Greek Orthodox Church

I went to a Greek Orthodox church service for the first time! I grew up Catholic so it’s not too foreign to me. You even say, “one catholic and apostolic church” during the service! The word “catholic” actually means for all people. The Orthodox churches pre-date Catholicism. Some elements of the church service resemble Jewish practices, like male singers chanting.  I went to part of the pre-service which is like a prayer service sung in Greek. The priest sings a few lines, and then the cantors or the choir sing a response. The priests wear robes similar to what Catholic priests wear. Unlike Catholic priests, they can marry! Lots of incense and bells are used, which I like. This is more like the old-style Catholic mass that was performed when I was a kid, before things were modernized (Latin was excluded, bells and incense only brought out for special holidays except for a few jingles while blessing the Eucharist, the priest now faces the congregation). Another difference is that instead of a host (flat white wafer) you get a chunk of bread during Communion (if you are not Orthodox and a member of this church you can get a piece of whatever bread is leftover – it’s considered blessed and good for you).

I really like the priest at this church and during the homily today he said the church is like a hospital…it offers MERCY to people in need. I thought this was really sweet. I’ve never heard a church described this way!

Personally, I get anxiety in church so it’s never a favorite past-time of mine, but I like the IDEA of finding a community of nice people to hang out with. This parish in Vegas has a lot of classes and pot lucks and church drives and even an after-church meet up. Catholic churches IMO really don’t do much for their parishioners socially. A few have donuts and coffee after mass, but not many. Do you feel connected to the people at your church? Do you think Christians should make a point to band together? Across the street from this church is a Mormon or LDS church with a packed parking lot. Mormons are generally VERY committed to their church, which I respect. I personally would like a church that is very, very liberal and open-minded and run by women 😉 but I don’t know of any.

Doreen Virtue Animal Tarot Cards Review


Interesting coincidence that Doreen Virtue is moving and the Tarot cards I ordered got tied up in MY move from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Las Vegas! I ordered them months ago with the pre-order feature on Amazon.com but for some reason there is a glitch in that Amazon will send your pre-orders not to your new address but to whatever address you had on file at the time. So, I checked and saw they were delivered to my old address. I figured whoever is living at my old condo would just keep them! But the mailman (shoutout to the really nice mailman I had there) managed to get the cards forwarded to me (I don’t know how because of the postage that would be due.). So, YAY! I got the Animal Tarot Deck in the mail. These may be THE LAST TAROT CARDS Doreen Virtue ever sells! Doreen Virtue became a born-again Christian and announced she won’t be doing prophecy anymore 😦

Doreen did the Animal Tarot deck differently from most Tarot cards. She didn’t want any dark or negative cards like The Devil or The Tower (a building on fire with people jumping out the windows). So she renamed the cards with the help of Radleigh Valentine. This is good and bad. Since I don’t know Tarot cards that well, it’s helpful to have a simplified version. Like what’s a Hierophant? Why is there a Hanged Man? I still forget myself and need to look up the card’s meaning after a bit of panic. Each of these cards has a simple explanation of what it means written on the bottom of the card. That makes it super easy to learn the card meanings! But if you start using a regular Tarot deck you’re going to be confused all over again. I find it particularly confusing that some of the major arcana (the big cards, 0 – 21) are renamed. So what’s the Dreamer or Unity or Awakening or Life Experience? You will have to learn that these are the Fool card, the Hierophant, the Hanged Man and the Tower card.


I do like the cute animal artwork, but it’s a bit too sweet for Tarot cards IMO. It’s like greeting card art. Every card has a sweet little butterfly flying around. But some of the Tarot cards have deep, heavy meanings and that’s not conveyed. In fact, I was surprised to learn that the artist is a man because the style is so girly. He does do a great job drawing many different animals, but some of the expressions come out flat….I think because his art is half colored pencil and half digital art?


Here’s a list of all the major arcana (0 – 12) cards in Doreen’s Animal Tarot Deck that have different names and/or imagery:

0 Dreamer (puppy) for Fool (joker)
5 Unity (polar bear) for Hierophant (wise spiritual woman)
9* Hermit (fireflies and a light) for the Hermit, same name this time (man in a cave or remote woods)
11 Strength (lion and a lamb) for Justice (person seated on a throne)
12* Awakening (giraffe looking down) for Hanged Man (person hanging from a tree branch)
14 Balance (zebra) for Temperance (angel or woman pouring water)
15* Ego (Siamese cat wearing expensive jewelry) for the Devil (Devil with chains to bind you with)
16* Life Experiences (bird sitting on a wood post) for the Tower (building on fire with people jumping out of windows)
20 Renewal (raccoon family) for Judgment (angel holding a trumpet)

* means I have taken a photo for you


David Blaine Interview and Photos

I saw this magazine advertised on Instagram. It’s very artsy and weird! It’s called The Travel Almanac. You can choose from different covers. I chose magician David Blaine even though another model has come forward accusing him of date rape in 1997! She hasn’t given the details to the press yet, but she filed paperwork with the NYC police. There are no statute of limitations for rape in either NYC or London. So, I am unsure if I should still be a fan or not…. I am awaiting further news stories about these accusations. What do you think? Tell me in the comments.


I like these David Blaine photos, especially the one where he is caring for his frogs! I saw him do the frog trick in his David Blaine Live show last summer. 

If you buy The Travel Almanac magazine, you get a whole separate booklet called David Blaine Travel Diary. BUT MOST OF THE PHOTOS ARE NOT OF DAVID or his tricks!!!

Instead, you get a bunch of weird, random photos. Like these disturbing images of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. I thought these were especially strange since Katrina was years and years ago. None of the photos are captioned, so you have to guess what you are looking at (lazy editing). I thought the photos were taken by a friend of David’s who David didn’t want to say sucks at photography! So imagine my surprise when I Google the photographer and find out he’s a famous fashion photographer! He’s done campaigns for fashion designer Marc Jacobs! Wikipedia says his style is “amateur photography.” Ummm, yeah. My Instagram photos are 10,000 times better than these. So prepare yourself if you spend the $20 for the magazine. LOL.


MOST of the photo booklet pages are like this photo! Hazy photos of ugly destroyed homes, empty construction sites, homeless people…. I don’t get it! Where’s David?


I do like this gargoyle photo. Gargoyles are meant to look scary and demonic. The dark imagery in this booklet combined with the accusations against David make me wonder if he is in fact a black soul? Black souls are very dangerous (like Hitler) and have no qualms about manipulating people and abusing people to get what they want. I thought David had reached a very high level of spirituality where things are available to you that advanced people like the Atlanteans and the ancient Egyptians knew how to do: levitation, moving objects telepathically, feeling no pain, etc. But maybe he is an advanced dark soul? The original “magicians” were the black magi of Atlantis and their darkness caused the whole society to collapse!

Inside the magazine is a newish interview with David. The interview isn’t dated, but it’s definitely before the rape allegations surfaced. It’s confusing time wise because David says he is on a break from his tour, but never mentions the shows he postponed in June…so was this interview recorded before June? I would have asked him questions about why he had to postpone the shows (family bereavement but he never talked about who died). He tells the interviewer that something went wrong on the tour and he flew home to New York to see doctors, but the interviewer doesn’t ask him WHAT HAPPENED?

Here’s what David says:

Q: Was there ever a moment when you felt “I need to stop?”

A: That just happened recently for the first time. Suddenly I became aware that the last thing I wanted to do is to leave my daughter alone. She has her mother and grandma and they’re amazing, but the last thing I want to do is disappoint her with something I did wrong. That happened on this tour recently, that’s why I flew back to New York instead of going to Italy, to make sure I was physically okay.

I honestly think next time David should just hire me to do the photos and the writing 😉

Gary Spivey Workshop Review

I have a love-hate thing with psychic medium Gary Spivey. I went to his energy workshop in Vegas (at Tahiti Village, one of the older resorts that has a lot of pools and inner tubing rivers for kids). He is very entertaining! If you don’t know, he always wears a super big white clown wig. Funny! And white pants, white shirt and white tennis shoes. The healer John of God has all of his clients wear white. He says its easier to see dark energies on white clothes. I imagine Gary has a similar reason for wearing white.

I was dismayed that the only comment Gary made to me after cleansing my energy field is that I’ll be able to more easily let go of my ego now that he’s cleared me. Most of the other people at the workshop got comments like, “You have a glowing crown on your head!” or “You have the Sacred Heart of Jesus!” So, I was a little peeved. Like I don’t have any “special thing” in my aura? Meanwhile, I am trying to do things in the metaphysical world (write books, teach classes, draw art)…. So, I was discouraged and didn’t feel like a special person 😦

ALSO, I felt REALLY ANGRY  for the rest of the workshop and the rest of the day! Maybe Gary’s gift is stirring up people’s energy fields?

I was flummoxed as to why he told me my ego needs to fall away. If anything, I’m “too nice”! That is the Angel part of my spiritual type (I’m part Angel, part Forest Fairy and part Alien). But I do want to make a name for myself as a writer. I am still not even sure if it’ll be in the metaphysical world (or political or crime thriller genre)…. So maybe he meant don’t concentrate so much on how to be “famous” (a published author at Barnes and Noble) and just write what sounds good to me.

Things that I liked at the workshop:

  • an exercise where you take your hand and circle clockwise over the top of your head while imaging a column of diamond light coming in/out the top of your head (Try it. It feels good!)
  • say “I’m bringing heaven down to Earth” and imagine Jesus and the angels standing right next to you (easier than always imagining you are up in the higher dimensions somewhere)
  • lots of funny stories about people he’s cleared (he believes in demons and dark entities and that you can be sitting in your body wrong/backwards = all very interesting and a little different than how I see things)
  • he told us he astral projected himself into North Korean despot’s Kim Jung Un’s private rooms and tried to prevent any further missile launches (very cool!), he said Kim Jung Un is basically crazy/unbalanced and thus is dangerous and unpredictable
  • he is interested in world politics (so am I), and told us the U.S. is hated around the world because of our military policies (we often say we are siding with someone, like a rich military despot, and then sell them arms that they use to kill their own people with (from rival tribal families or militias), only to later denounce the person and, finally, take him out and call him a war criminal with crimes against humanity (Iraqi president Saddam Hussein fits this story, but others do, too), plus IMO we are very unfair in our policies that support Israel while that government oppresses the Muslim Palestinians, we rail against Russia as being soooooo evil for no particular reason at this point in time (the news stories about Putin are slanderous propaganda IMO), and on and on. Gary said more and more countries will turn against us and we could be in trouble – I guess he meant at war, with few allies on our side (this made me think if China declared war on us – maybe an economic war – Russia would side with her)
  • his meditation that took us all to the Universal Sun (not our sun but an even bigger sun) made the room feel very still and quiet, he told us that when you meditate and reach this level of light, it calms down your brain and you stop constantly thinking random things like, “What’s that noise?” and “What should I have for lunch?” and “Should I get up and take a break?” and on and on. This is actually what the Eastern masters like Buddha reach; a place of complete stillness.
  • he told one girl she had upper back pain because she has angel wings and they weren’t unfurled correctly ❤

I wanted to ask Gary about living in Vegas, but I didn’t. He said when he flew into Vegas he felt a super dark energy, so he cleared it (this was after the shooting at Mandalay Bay/Route 91 concert). I am really wondering if I should live here or not!!!