Last David Blaine Live Show TONIGHT


Magician David Blaine’s Live Tour is over TONIGHT! His last show is in Albuquerque (July 23, 2017) at the Kiva Theater.

He hasn’t rescheduled the 4 shows he missed due to a death in the family….I thought he would just tack on these shows to the end of the tour but he didn’t.

Leaving me wondering if I will possibly have enough money to go see him live AGAIN??? Depends on when he does the tour dates. Maybe he will add some more shows? I personally think David should do his live show in Vegas and then everyone could come see him there (cheap flights! awesome hotel rooms!).

Cecil the Lion’s Cub Killed by Trophy Hunter


Did you hear that Cecil the Lion’s cub, Xanda, just got killed by a hunter in Africa? The young lion was 6 years old and wearing a radio collar. He lived on the same lion preserve as Cecil did, and he also stepped over the invisible borderline of the park’s boundaries and was killed by a trophy hunter! The hunter likely wanted a lion head to mount on his wall 😦 Too sad. Lion hunting is still a big business in Zimbabwe, Africa. A hunter pays about $50,000 for the permits and a hunting guide. Crazy!

By the way, Donald Trump, Jr. has been photographed with a dead spotted LEOPARD that he killed! And a dead ELEPHANT. Sick.

As we ascend into a higher vibration world, the hurting of animals will stop.

I drew this Cecil the Lion as a tribute to him. Color prints available in my Etsy shop, black cat drawings. And a black-and-white version you can print at home.

Catholic Church Money Scandal


I saw a news story today that the 2nd in command at The Vatican (under our last pope, Pope Benedict) is under investigation for TAKING MONEY FROM A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. How evil is that! He got $250,000 from them to re-decorate and remodel his luxury villa in Rome. You just can’t make this stuff up!

The charity hospital, which treats poor kids with CANCER, said it wanted to give the cardinal $250,000 of its donation money to redo his villa so the charity could do fundraisers at the fancy mansion! Hmmmm-mmmmm.

Whenever I hear about the misdoings of the Catholic church, I think about the awesome storyline in Game of Thrones about the Faith of the Seven. The leader walks around in sackcloth with no shoes, saying he’s just a simple man who wants to help the poor. But, in reality, he is working hard to get in tight with the queen and her family and is super power-hungry!

This also reminds me of Pope Benedict’s Gucci shoes! Maybe that is why he was pope for only a short time…. He had Gucci hand-make red slippers for him = the height of luxury.

I do believe the Catholic church/The Vatican/the Pope is going to fall due to the high levels of corruption and misdeeds in the church. As the age of ascension nears, it becomes impossible for people to keep evil secrets like this. The truth comes out!

Not to mention the super evil child molestation cases and subsequent cover-ups, which also reached the highest levels of the church.

Doreen Virtue Writing a New Book

In this week’s Divine Guidance video, Doreen mentions that she is currently writing a new book! Will it be about Jesus???

She also mentions that she found Jesus while creating her Jesus card deck, Loving Words from Jesus. I figured it was the other way around; that she became born again and then quickly came out with that card deck. Read my review of the Doreen Virtue Jesus card deck here.

Doreen Virtue Online Class about your Spiritually Based Business

I bought Doreen Virtue’s class: How to Grow your Spiritually-based Business. Late last night I was listening to her Divine Guidance video for this week and she mentioned a flash sale (it’s over now) for this online class: only $4! Normally, it’s only $11 and I’ve passed it up, but I really couldn’t say no to $4. I spend that at Starbucks just about every day πŸ˜‰ I bought it at shop.angeltherapy.comΒ but now I see it’s on You might need to click around to find it.

The class is one video. It’s 1.5 hours long. You also get a short outline of the class as a pdf file. The production value of the video is not on par with her other videos (a bit blurry with a distracting nature scene behind her).

I enjoyed watching it. If you have listened to her weekly HayHouse radio shows or her watched her weekly videos, you’ve probably heard Doreen’s advice on starting your own spiritual/metaphysical business (like being an angel card reader) before.

Some of Doreen’s entrepreneurial business advice:

  • do what you love to do
  • don’t expect to become Bill Gates overnight; start out part-time and slowly build it into a profitable business
  • don’t spend too much money on startup; it’s easy to get excited and buy new business cards or a custom website but it’s likely your whole business plan will change and evolve, especially in the first year
  • be super clear in what you are offering to people; don’t list like 5 different things you do on your business card or Facebook page as it confuses people! better to be an expert in one thing
  • don’t be desperate for money; people will sense your bad energy and go elsewhere
  • if you are unsure what you’d like to do, think about what you wanted to be as a child – if you don’t remember ask your parents/siblings
  • brainstorm how your product or service HELPS people; be clear that you are HELPING them
  • be giving; give away free samples in person or offer freebies online
  • bless your products/services; visualize people buying them and benefitting from them

I thought Doreen’s business advice was correct and her delivery sweet. Towards the end of the video, she says she works for God. I actually like this idea. It’s very motivational! One of my favorite Bible quotes is: “Truly, God, I am your servant.” Always feel like God wants you to succeed and have extra money. Why does God want you to have extra money? So you can help others!

Doreen also explains that the American work ethic harkens back toΒ the Victorian era. This was a dark period, like poor kids stuck in awful orphanages, unsafe conditions in the coal mines, etc. The Victorian idea of work: drudgery for a mere pittance. Workers toiled away endless hours while only the boss got richer. After the Victorian era, new laws were created. The work week was limited to 40 hours. Children couldn’t work anymore. Lots of rules about workplace safety were put in place by the government. Eventually, the orphanages were dismantled and the foster care system created (not much better). It’s worth thinking about how these ideas still exist in the “must work 9-5 job” and “must work 40 hours a week” and “expect to hate my job” and “only the rich get richer” and so forth. In a more enlightened era, people should be able to be entrepreneurs, working how many hours they want, and making good money at it.

A couple online people I get business advice from:

T. Harv Eker. He is very motivational! One of his pieces of advice is don’t use the word “sell.”Β Like I’m here to sell you XYZ. Or the word “buy” like click here to buy my stuff. Instead, use the word “help” (like Doreen says) or describe how the product/service solves a problem for them.

Tai Lopez. Both have a ton of FREE videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Good Luck!

I’m now on fiverr!

I opened a shop on fiverr called newagestudies. Fiverr is a freelance work website. It’s called “fiverr” because the offerings start at $5. So, I’m offering various things in my shop like animated videos and podcasting/podcast editing. I keep changing my offerings, or “gigs” as fiverr calls them, so check back to see what I have up!

I am starting to do life coaching but I don’t have it completely figured out yet. It’s going to incorporate the realms or hybrids that Doreen Virtue talks about (angels, fairies, mermaids, aliens….). Plus, a few hybrids that Tanis Helliwell talks about (rocks, goblins, trolls….). So step one will be to let me decide what realms you are in! I have this listing on fiverr: What Type of Spiritual Person or Realm are You? You can take a bunch of quizzes and/or I can read your photograph (some of the realms have distinct looks).

For now, check out my funny David Blaine video that I made for YouTube (and to learn the animation program I’m using). This is called a whiteboard animation, and you can get one in my fiverr shop!

My next idea is to design JibJab-style cartoon ecards for birthdays and get well wishes!

Happy 4th! Be Spiritually Free!

I got an emailed newsletter from psychic medium James van Praagh today and he talks about SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. A great topic for 4th of July!

Do you feel free to follow your OWN SPIRITUAL PATH? Or are you chained to the old ways of doing things, like church and The Bible?




You are FREE to create your own spiritual practice.

What do you LIKE doing? Praying or meditating? Yoga or going to church? Reading uplifting books like “Angels in my Hair” by Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne or Marianne Williamson’s take on A Course in Miracles? Or the New Testament in the Bible? Going to a meditation class or just listening to meditative music on iTunes? (I like Larisa Stow with Shakti Tribe.) Going for nature walks and imagining all your stress being recycled into the Earth? Or being active in your community like volunteering for causes?

Be honest and pick what you can really stick with! Plan out a new spiritual practice STARTING TODAY.

Kitty Cat Emergency

This little cutie is in the vet hospital with pneumonia!

This is my Maine Coon cat, Coconut. She was coughing (looks more like throwing up a hairball when cats do it) and sneezing once in awhile. Then she got shortness of breath (I saw her chest heaving and she was unusually tired). Just as I was deciding to take her into the vet again the next day (it was after hours), she started SCREAMING! It was horrifying. I drove her to the vet emergency room with my neighbor and we both thought she was going to die 😦

She is being treated with oxygen and antibiotics and is getting better! She might be home from the kitty cat ICU tomorrow or the next day. THANK GOD. She is my best friend. I have her sister, too, whose name is Licorice. Licorice is very magical and likes to hide in her “lair” (the walk-in closet). She will only let you see her if she deems you worthy (she hides from my pet sitter, even if I’m gone for a week). Coconut loves meeting new people and going for walks on a leash. She is very dog-like for a cat! She meows a lot and I love “talking” with her.


The vet still can’t figure out why she was screaming so loud. Maybe it was her way of saying, “Don’t wait ’til tomorrow to take me to the vet! TAKE ME NOWWWWWW!” My point is: animals DO COMMUNICATE with us! Not usually so loudly and dramatically as my Coconut. But do listen. This includes wild animals like birds.

Say a little prayer for ALL the cats in the whole world…especially the African lions who are so endangered now. Tomorrow is the anniversary for CECIL THE LION.

UPDATE: Coconut is home from the vet hospital ❀

New TV Show about Psychic who sees Vampires, Angels, etc.

New metaphysical TV showΒ (fictional) coming up this month on NBC: Midnight, Texas. Have no idea if it’ll be good or not! Just saw the commercial and got excited about it. The writer wrote True Blood, an HBO series about vampires (never did see it).

Watch the trailer for the new show, Midnight, Texas here.

The storyline is a dusty, lonely Texas town with weird people in it: vampires, demons, angels, etc. The main character (a stud-ly guy) comes to town and he’s able to see dead people and spirits. Cool! Soon, there’s a war between good and evil. This storyline has been done a lot. I don’t know if I’ll like it or not.

But I LOVED a similar TV show calledΒ Being Human. Watch theΒ British version with super sexy Aiden Turner from Poldark. It’s available on Amazon Fire. There’s also a shorter-lived American version of this show with different actors. I didn’t watch that one.

Starts Mondays on July 24, 2017 on NBC.

Jim Morrison = Fiery Sex God

I re-watched the movie The Doors this week! Val Kilmer was so awesome as Jim Morrison. Β Is it possible Jim was some sort of fiery sex god? He wrote a lot of imagery about fire (“Come on baby, light my fire, Try to set the night on fire” is one of my favorite song lyrics and great to listen to if you need some energy). There are a lot of sun/fire gods and goddesses, like Pele in Hawaii. Very free and hyper-sexual. Jim was always writhing around onstage in tight black leather pants. In the movie, naked girls would run up to him onstage (I guess this was a thing in the Sixties!). He even called himself “The Lizard King” (after doing a lot of peyote in the desert).Β Sexy!

Jim also wrote amazing poetry. In one scene in the movie his girlfriend Pam (miscast as cutesy Meg Ryan) says, “You’re not a rock star, Jim. You’re a poet.” And I agreed with her.

Interesting to compare and contrast the 1960s to today! Our society is so stratified now. Back then, it was divided into the hippie idealists and the government-supporters who agreed with the war in Vietnam.

Another comparison I made is the drug use, especially heroin. After killing so many rockstars in the ’60s and ’70s, heroin is back! Where I live, there are a lot of homeless young adults – probably 90% of them are heroin addicts. People are turning to it for a cheaper high when they are addicted to pain pills. Sad. I saw a post on Facebook that said since we ended up with MORE drugs after our War on Drugs, why don’t we have a War on Jobs? Maybe we will end up with MORE JOBS.

Jim Morrison died from a heroin overdose, as is now confirmed by singer Marianne Faithful, who heard all about it at the time, and the owner of the nightclub where he was found dead. Yes, the story of him dying in the bathtub (shown in the movie) under unknown circumstances is fake. He really died in a Paris nightclub bathroom after buying heroin from a dealer at the club.Β This story is on the Daily Mail website. The nightclub owner was alerted that someone was not opening the door to the bathroom stall, and he kicked it down and saw Jim Morrison dead 😦 Wanting to avoid any sort of police involvement, the dealers (and maybe the nightclub owner was complicit in this) moved the body back to Jim’s Paris apartment at around 2 AM, where his girlfriend was staying. Maybe she stuck him in a bathtub full of cold water in hopes of reviving him?

Heroin kills! Both the dealer and Jim’s girlfriend Pam would later die of heroin overdoses.